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Dietitian Consultations

At edge fitness academy we provide suggestions on leading a healthy, nutritious lifestyle by providing diet plans. A healthy diet is a key to fitness, healthy life and vigour. But stress and work combined can result in a lack of time, which can further lead to neglect in taking care of one’s health.

This is where online / offline dietitians can play a role and guide you with healthy meal plans and in maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle from the comfort of your home. In this way, we make your online searches for "dietitian near me" and "nutritionists near me" easier.

At edge fitness Academy we offer dietitian consultations to all those who want to make their health a priority.

Group Classes

When should I see a dietitian or an offline or online nutritionist?

Many struggle to find healthy ways to lose weight and this neglect of well-being can result in the development of diseases and lifestyle complications. If you feel that you’re not keeping a healthy weight, you should consult a dietitian online for the following:
1. Unique lifestyle and nutritional needs
2. Allergies and intolerances
3. Weight loss
4. Anemia
6. Thyroid
7. Diabetes
8. Vitamin deficiency
9. Hypertension
10. Cholesterol
11. Overall wellness.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

1. Child Nutrition Services
2. Nutrition Support for Health Management

School Nutrition And Health Programmes

1. Nutrition Education for Kids
2. Teachers’ Health and Wellness
3. Nutrition Seminar for Parents.

Corporate Nutrition And Wellness Programme

1. Nutrition Seminar
2. Onsite Nutrition Clinic

Nutrition Support For Health Management

At edge fitness Academy, We use evidence-based recommendations to design easy-to-follow, practical and personalized nutrition care plan that will get the best results for you.
So, if you need to burn that extra fat, or regulate your blood sugar or bring down your blood pressure, we’ve got you covered!.

Please feel free to contact us for a consultation on: +(234)803 1117 346