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Class Description

Our personal trainer and group fitness instructor certification is a programme that has being carefully designed for those who wants to take up a career in the booming health and fitness industry.
As a personal trainer it’s your obligation to create a one-on –one fitness programmes for your clients,

Motivating them and guiding them to achieve their goals and as well provide clients with tailored health exercise advice.

Are you motivated and passionate about health and fitness? And if your answer is yes, Edge fitness academy is the wright place to be.

We offer a personal trainer (PT) and group fitness instructor (GFI) certification courses where you will learn the fundamental skill of personal trainer and group fitness instruction, leading engaging exercise experiences that serve a wide variety of participants. In all of this, the role and scope of practices for both PT and GFI is examined, along with core components of PT and GFI sessions. A practical guideline to anatomy and human movement is provided to ensure a science-based approach to designing safe and effective’s sessions, gain experience teaching different and effective classes’ formats.

As a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor after completion of your courses you hold the power to help anyone achieve his or her goals on a regular basis,
Through our team of professional trainers we provide our patrons with personalized training to help unlock their fitness potentials and attain their fitness goals.


  • Instruct and develop a variety of programmes for a group fitness oriented classes such as aerobics, boot camps, strength training etc. . .
  • Identify the components of a total physical fitness conditioning program.
  • Describe various safety variables and methods to prevent or avoid injury.
  • Explain various warm up movements, cardiovascular training, resistance training, and flexibility exercises.
  • Analyze and utilize various small equipment within group exercise classes such as body weight, dumbbells etc.
  • Encourage participants to make fitness a priorities that they can lean on for support and guidance throughout their fitness journey.
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